Lawn Painting Special For Home Owners and Small Churches:

Regular Every day Low Pricing:
Paint yard = $0.34 per square foot.
Mow yard = $0.11 per square foot. (Just cut no weeds or trim) 
Rush Same Day service = $65.00 additional fee.
For larger yards with  weeds or debris we will give you a quote.


Special for Jan. 2nd to May 30th
Front Yard, lawns up to 1000 square feet $199.00 (Reg. $259.00)
Lawns 1001 to 2000 square feet $0.24 cent p/sft.
(Reg. $0.34 p/sft.)
Lawns 2001 to 3000 square feet $0.19 cent p/sft.
(Reg. $0.29 p/sft.)
Lawns 3001 to 5000 square feet $0.14 cent p/sft
(Reg. $0.24 p/sft.)

Custom applications are quoted individually!


Your grass will always be greener with Turf Painters at your service!


Custom applications for golf courses, parks, schools or shopping malls are quoted individually!

Specials for the Do It Yourselfer: 

    Sprayer  (2 Gallon capacity)                                         $ 49.95    (reg. $74.50) 

   Pro Back Pack Sprayer (4 Gallon capacity)                      $ 119.00  (reg.  $149.00)

1 Gallon Ready to use "Bermuda Green" Lawn Paint          $ 39.95    (reg. $59.00)

Note: For the average front yard (1000 to 1200 sft.) it will take
about 3 to 4 gallon of "Bermuda Green" paint and an hour worth of time!


Lawn Painting is a water free alternative to winter over seeding. This method is used by athletic stadiums to color dormant, damaged, or discolored grass to a lush green color, not only is this method good for saving on your water bill, but also healthier for your Bermuda as new varieties of Rye grass choke out Bermuda.


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